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Hi, my name is Samantha Phillips and my journey into therapy began when I studied NLP and Hypnosis in 2006. Initially choosing NLP as a communication tool to help further my career as a Business Development Manager in Pharma Sales."

Experiencing first-hand the benefits both NLP and hypnotherapy provided, I decided to share my newfound knowledge and techniques with friends and work colleagues, which led to me running retreats across the UK and Thailand.

“My life was great, I was top sales performer in the country, my coaching practice was growing, I was in a loving relationship and had an amazing group of friends, but then in 2013 
I had my own wakeup call and first-hand experience with Anxiety and Depression:
I started suffering from low moods and crippling panic attacks, unable to leave my own home, I fell into a deep depression which led me to some very dark places.
After numerous trips to my GP and a cocktail of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications which didn’t help, I hit rock bottom. 
On the advice of my peers from my therapy network, I sought help through counselling and talking therapy, this process uncovered the triggers underneath my mental health, and helped me understand and address the problem. Thanks to this, I have been back and fighting fit since June 2017, with no medication.
This experiences then led me to question why these therapeutic modalities aren’t more mainstream, as the medication I had been taking was clearly just masking and exacerbating my situation. 
With this on my mind, I decided to change career and make it my mission to take Hypnosis mainstream. In 2019 I took my training further with John Dewar adding EMDR, Weight Specialist with Gastric Banding, Past Life Regression and Gestalt Therapy to my skill set.

Training, qualifications & experience

Clinical Hypnotherapy 2019 - John Dewar

Diploma Master Hypnotist 2019 -John Dewar

Hypnotherapy Weight Specialist including Hypnotic Gastric Band

Smoking Cessation Specialist

EMDR 2019 – John Dewar

Clinical Hypnotherapy 2018- Steve Adams

Hypnotherapy Practitioner 2011 – Toby and Kate McCartney

NLP/Hypnotherapist Practitioner 2006 – Toby and Kate McCartney

Fully insured with Holistic Insurance

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