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Sam had been recommended to me by my best friend and I am so glad that I reached out to her. After 15 years in a relationship and 7 years of marriage things started to breakdown and I was unhappy and very unsure on how to deal with and process this. Throughout my sessions, Sam was able to help me identify key areas to work on which has assisted in the navigation of my relationship status and to understand my thoughts and feelings and how to effectively communicate this. Sam made me feel at ease from the very beginning which made the sessions run effortlessly and not feel like therapy at all, she also provided a great recommendation for a therapist for my husband too. With Sam’s assistance I am much happier, emotionally stronger and able to move on with the next stages of my life confidently and I will continue to use her support and definitely recommend her to anyone.



I have been seeing Sam since July following a time in ITU after contracting COVID 19 initially to help with the Trauma and recovery from being in a coma for 8 weeks. I can honestly say she has had the best effect on my overall mental health and recovery even my Husband and Sister don’t want me to stop seeing her ever!


Georgia P 


I went to see Sam as I was looking for NLP to help support my fitness goals and choose healthier options when pushed for time at work. After 4 sessions she uncovered what was really behind my food cravings and helped me understand how to move through these issues




I entered a period of my life when I wanted to make some serious changes, but I was struggling with motivation, any kind of structure and general self-sabotage. I couldn't seem to make things happen and I was feeling very weak, knowing I had some issues of my past that still needed dealing with too. I started seeing Sam after finding her online and I'm so happy we connected, from the very first meeting things already started to feel easier. I was really happy to have her support especially when things took a very sudden turn for the worst for me and Sam quickly adapted her approach to accommodate the traumatic stuff that was happening.

I found that Sam really taps into who you are, she can make you think of things in a different way and when I left each session, I felt uplifted like I was making progress. Sam also took much time to create recordings for me to help me sleep and tailored them to include things that would make a lasting impact. I will always be grateful for Sam's help during a very tough time. It never felt like therapy, it was like talking to a familiar friend, I always felt at ease and trusted Sam and her advice. Sam is clearly very skilled and I was happy to recommend her to my best friend, who has also benefitted greatly from her sessions. I now feel a much stronger person and Sam helped me get here, she truly is an expert in her field.




I had some NLP with Samantha as I had reached a point in my carrier where I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled, I was also having some dark moods and felt a little lost. I was very sceptical of any form or therapy, but I was delighted how she mapped out a plan and addressed the underlying issues in very few sessions. In the space of 3 months not only was my carrier back on track I had also been promoted and kick started my fitness routine, started dating and now have a girlfriend! I would definitely see Samantha again; in fact I have scheduled a yearly mental detox/MOT with her.


Mr B


"I worked with Samantha for 6 amazing sessions which included hypnotherapy and EMDR. Each session included a recording of the hypnosis which I could listen to between sessions which made each session more powerful. Samantha is very well trained in these methods and she is professional and lovely to work with. I would highly recommend her "




Sam is a credit to her profession,


I was able to contact her via a family member in a moment of complete crisis and her steady methodical approach throughout the sessions has taught me how to understand the issues that I’m dealing with and how to deal with them going forward.


I’ve made huge steps to regain confidence and control my anxiety levels and although I still have a few more steps to take I’m now heading in a positive direction and fully expect to return to a happy and enjoyable life.


One word of advice to anyone that decides to seek Sam’s help, follow the instructions and do as your asked, may seem completely crazy at the start but will become clear as time goes on.


Thank you Sam 🙏





I couldn’t recommend Sam enough. I had hypnosis to help me with boundaries. I used to struggle saying no, which would then leave me overwhelmed and raise my anxiety.

Sam taught me the skills to be less of a people pleaser and in turn, I’ve been able to manage my anxiety and time better, meaning I actually get more done.

If you have any niggling feeling that you would like sorting, I would definitely suggest speaking to Sam. She doesn’t just deal with addiction. There’s lots of things she could help with.



Got in contact with Samantha, looking for an EMDR practitioner after experiencing ongoing trauma responses following a choking incident.* Sam was fantastic; she guided me through the whole process with a great deal of professionalism, sensitivity and kindness. She made sure I was comfortable with the work we were doing at every stage and even always checked in on how I was doing outside of our sessions. I met her in person in Greenwich and online and found both contexts really easy to relax into - I always felt transcendentally calm following them. Progress was fairly sure and steady, and the symptoms which had been moderately debilitating for months were alleviated week by week, and are now minimal to non-existent - through just 5 sessions, 2 of which utilised EDMR, and 2 hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend working with Sam to anyone with some life-affecting nonsense to flush out. She is an excellent therapist and a right laugh.


*on a Gourmet Steak at Stepney Green Wetherspoons. You should see the review I left for them.



Every now and then a therapist comes into your life, and you know they’re going to have a huge impact on your welling.  Samantha is one of those very people.  We met quite by accident at a workshop in a studio I hadn’t visited before and only discovered as a teacher from my regular yoga studio was running another workshop there, it really felt like fate had a hand in our meeting.

In the summer of 2021, I was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Cervical Dystonia.  Although not a life threatening the symptoms can we quite debilitating and there is no cure.  Naturally I grappled to come to terms with the diagnosis in turns burying my head in the sand, hoping it would magically disappear then madly googling for treatment plans, (read miracle cures), as well as researching alternative therapies.

I spoke to Samantha after the workshop about treating me and she immediately agreed to a session as soon as her diary allowed.  My sessions with Samantha have had a significant impact on several levels, my physical symptoms have reduced a great deal but also, I have reached a greater level of acceptance & I feel much calmer & generally more positive about the future and being able to manage my health.

Sam has thoroughly researched the condition on my behalf in order to deepen her understanding of the underlying triggers and causes which I’m forever grateful for, I have enjoyed enormously my sessions with Samantha & I always feel super positive afterwards that I can lead a normal life and truly believe that my future is much brighter than I dared hoped.




I have suffered with chronic stomach conditions for half my life following multiple complicated surgeries. I came to Sam to help me deal with the ongoing pain, she provided carefully curated hypnotherapy that allowed me to deal with the pain and as a result I have experienced a real difference in my condition. Now when I have a really severe episode I am equipped to deal with the pain and remain calm. In fact with Sam's help I recently achieved a lifetimes ambition and ran the London Marathon. Sam's hypnosis helped me deal with the fatigue and pain from running and also deal with the nerves associated with the event. I highly recommend Sam, she's thoughtful, helpful and very thorough. 


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